Why PropertyNet

We build our solutions based on our full understand of the Real State business, for which we know each process, action and business rules, so we help you to keep your business running, automated and make all the process under control.

PropertyNet has more than 15 years’ experience in the Middle East market from where we gain our experience and we develop our system to tackle all issues or problems you are facing in the Real Estate business.

Managing your Properties Has Never Been More Efficient!

PropertyNet supports hierarchy for reporting, accounting and user access in a number of dimensions. Geography is a typical dimension that real estate companies wish to maintain for organizing their operation. PropertyNet also support hierarchy on organization and company levels. Furthermore, PropertyNet allows you to arrange your properties in buildings, buildings in compounds, and compounds in districts and so on. Regardless of what hierarchy types you wish to adopt, PropertyNet will implement it in reporting, accounting and user access allowing you to organize information better for decision support, track detailed profitability, and enforce business practices.

General Features

Forms Setup and Printing

You can setup all the used forms through the system like (rent contract, receipts, rent increase/decrease forms) these form can be modified by the user and the system also can use MS Word or Excel forms.

Smart Alerting and Notification System

Generate the reminder, notification and warning Letters directly from the system and send them by fax, mail or directly from the system through E-Mail or SMS.

Built-in Archiving System

The system has a built in archiving system which give a facility to scan any type of image or document and store it in the same system Database or separate Database or in a file system and these images can be linked to building, unit, contract, etc…

Google Earth Integration

The system integrated with Google Earth. From the system you can display you building through Google Earth without closing the system or opening Google Earth.

Operational & MIS Reports

The system contains a big number of detailed and statistics reports (more than 200 reports) in a tabular and graphic format.