The Transformation

Real estate companies are positioned to make a quantum leap in their performance by increasing their efficiency and fully leveraging the power of the Internet.

Most of the business processes in real estate companies at the moment are manual and not integrated together to form a cohesive platform for carrying out various tasks. This causes great losses from errors, fraud, and lost opportunity. It also significantly hinders any effort to fully leverage the Internet and transform into a true e-business.

Most available software solutions for real estate companies focus on either data storage or property listing. This leave a huge, evident gap in the internal processes which remain largely manual. This low level of technology leverage returns only a small fraction of the real potential real estate companies have from technology.

Total integration of business processes is a must for companies who wish to leverage the Internet. When a customer triggers a transaction through your website, they expect it to instantly go through to completion. This can be achieved only if all business processes in your company are integrated. PropertyNet offers full integrated, comprehensive business processes for real estate companies, covering rental, sales and maintenance. This helps companies go far beyond limited, non-value generating, mere internet listing which most real estate companies currently have.

PropertyNet fills the gap by providing an end-to-end solution that integrates and automates the full spectrum of business processes, which helps you improve your business through increasing efficiency, and prepares you to maximize the benefit of the Internet.