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In PropertyNet, we believe that good users are result of good trainer. We choose our trainer from high caliber persons specialized in our software for long time.





Training Methodology

Our training methodology covers all types of users from data entry, supervisor, middle manager, and top management. Each type of users has their own track in training. The system administrator can consult with us to agree on training for each category of users. Training starts with description of main functionality of the system till each single detail with hands on training on demo data. Our goal of the training is to make each user fully aware of our system functionalities and processes and the consequences of each one.

PN training methodology and approach to transferring knowledge is constantly reviewed and updated. We ensure that we bring the most up to date teaching methods and techniques to our customers.

We strongly believe that actively engaged participants will absorb and retain knowledge far more successfully than those who attend lecture style courses. Where material is contextualised and relevant to the participants’ own experiences, understanding is significantly improved. Our training programmes are designed to provide participants with an active and relevant learning experience. 

On-site Training

During the project, our implementer will conduct on- site training for users based on their privileges. The training schedule will be arranged based on users timing in order not to affect their normal business. Training includes user manuals and training handout in order to get the user quickly familiar with system’s transactions.

Training Contact

If you need more details on out training services, please contact the training department to discuss how we can help.

Contact or (+966) 1 4023350 Ext.: 112. 

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