PropertyNet The Solution

Flexible property definition

Real estate units differ in their specifics. Rental operations for malls vary from those for residential complexes. PropertyNet provides rich functionality to manage operations of different types of real estates, for example, malls, office buildings, individual units, and parking lots, by allowing for user-defined unit types with specific attributes and business rules. This effectively means PropertyNet can help you manage any type of real estate, giving your company resilience as your business grows or diversifies.

Everyone runs their business differently. Therefore, information on each property also differs from one company to another. These are called attributes. Property attributes are like their proximity from schools, number of streets the plot is on, flooring type and availability of security services. PropertyNet allows you to define what attributes you want to maintain on your properties and uses these attributes throughout the system in business processes, reporting, accounting, user access, and pricing. 

What a property contains is also an endless list. Besides the obvious number of rooms, specific room types, and a swimming pool, for example, customers may also wish to track and search for properties by greater detail. PropertyNet allows you to define what you want to track like if the property has kitchen cabinets, air conditioning, wooden windows, or a basement. This means that your customers will be able to uniquely identify their requirements and, therefore, their searches with you are more relevant than with your competition.

Hierarchical in Everything

PropertyNet supports hierarchy for reporting, accounting and user access in a number of dimensions. Geography is a typical dimension that real estate companies wish to maintain for organizing their operation. PropertyNet also support hierarchy on organization and company levels. Furthermore, PropertyNet allows you to arrange your properties in buildings, buildings in compounds, and compounds in districts and so on.

Regardless of what hierarchy types you wish to adopt, PropertyNet will implement it in reporting, accounting and user access allowing you to organize information better for decision support, track detailed profitability, and enforce business practices.

Powerful alteration engine

PropertyNet has a strong engine to introduce additions and deductions into rental and sales contracts. The alterations engine allows you to flexibly define additions and deductions, apply them flexibly based on area, price range or property status, and assign them a value according to your business rules.

Comprehensive commission engine

PropertyNet understands the flexibility required in defining and calculating commissions to both internal and external agents. PropertyNet not only allows you to define global commission schemes, but also automatically calculates them and posts them to your financial system in full accordance with your business rules.

Universal contracts

PropertyNet facilitates not only, single unit contracts, but also, multiple unit contracts. If units are sold by installments, PropertyNet provides the user with a user-friendly installment calculator and automatically calculates fees and other associated costs to lay out a full payment plan for the customer to review before it is embedded in the contract. 

Lease contracts in PropertyNet can be defined for cycles that are composed of daily, monthly and annual terms, and can run for one or multiple period. PropertyNet will intelligently apply relevant alterations with every period of the contract.

PropertyNet also manages contract grace periods and allows for them to be in either cash or time based on your business rules. PropertyNet will also ensure proper, automatic posting to your financial system.

Smart collection

From the macro level of managing collectors and their performance, to tactical management of receipt books and bulk payments, PropertyNet focuses on ensuring smooth, transparent collection process. Customers can make payment for one or more units, for linked units, and for unit with various alterations and PropertyNet will automatically assigns the money to the appropriate account.

PropertyNet also supports and fully manages collection by various methods including cash, checks, bank transfers, and debit and credit notes.

Once collected, automatically narrated receipts are generated and confirmations are sent out to customers via email, SMS or direct mail.

Confidentiality and security

PropertyNet is built to industry standards in terms of data security and access. Users are profiles to view and work with only a subset of the date in accordance to the business rules of the organizations. This ensures your data is protected and not vulnerable to unauthorized access from within the organization or, equally from outside.