Property Management (ROX) Property Management (ROX)

PropertyNet fills the gap by providing an end-to-end solution that integrates and automates the full spectrum of business processes, which helps you improve your business through increasing efficiency, and prepares you to maximize the benefit of the Internet.

Total integration of business processes is a must for companies who wish to leverage the Internet. When a customer triggers a transaction through your website, they expect it to instantly go through to completion. This can be achieved only if all business processes in your company are integrated.

PropertyNet offers full integrated, comprehensive business processes for real estate companies, covering rental, sales and maintenance. This helps companies go far beyond limited, non-value generating, mere internet listing which most real estate companies currently have.

PropertyNet provides rich functionality to manage operations of different types of real estates, for example, malls, office buildings, individual units, and parking lots, by allowing for user-defined unit types with specific attributes and business rules. This means PropertyNet can help you manage any type of real estate, giving your company resilience as your business grows or diversifies.

Product Highlights

Rent/Sell all types of properties anywhere

The system can deal with unlimited number of Real Estate units’ types like (Trading, malls, compounds, apartments, villas, shops, factories, lands, car parking, advertising, signs, etc…)
The system support a geographic distribution for the real estate units in multi levels like country, region, city and district and all these levels can be used in the reports criteria when displaying or printing these reports.

Complete details about the buildings and their units

The system gives the ability to enter building information and split the building into zones and the user can enter a daily, monthly and yearly rate for each meter in each zone. You can enter also the units belongs to each building in additional to the units’ contents like air-conditions, telephone sets, etc… and it can be linked to the fixed asset management system. The system can also generate a receive receipt for the unit contents to be signed by the tenant.

Building and units expenses

You can store the building and units expenses with a facility of displaying the last expenses transaction during the data entry for a control purpose. Also the system maintains the utility bills like maintenance bills, advertising bills with an allocations facility by multiple ways like fixed allocation, based on the area or based on the rent amount.

Contract management

Rent/Sell you own properties and others properties
The system can be used in property management owned by your company or owned by others with a capability of identifying multiple owners in building and unit level and the system can automatically allocate the revenue and expenses for each building/units for the owners based on their shareholding percent. The system gives a facility of identifying a collection commission percent globally or in the building level ensuring the accuracy of charges.

Rent/Sell on a daily, monthly, yearly and multi years basis
The system support daily, monthly, yearly and multi years rent and also support both Georgian and Hijra calendar rent contracts with auto conversion between both calendars. The system has a capability also to auto generate the rent installments based on contract start date, duration, calendar type and number of installments per year. The system has also auto contract renew capability with installments auto generation facility.
The system support also the incremental contract in case of multi years contract and gives the user the facility of identifying the yearly increment in a multiple methods.

Rent/Sell by unit or by meter
The system gives a facility of identifying the rent amount based on unit or meter and the system can calculate the total rent amount for the unit from the unit area and meter rent amount.

Multi settlement methods

The system support multi settlement method like (cash, Check, Note, Bank Deposit, Bank Transfer, LG, Credit Card, Debit Card, etc…) The system can also track the check collection.

Rich tenant/customer information

You can store comprehensive information about your tenants like (basic information, address, contact information, preferred communication language, preferred communication time and preferred settlement method).
The system has a customer segmentation engine based on a predefined criteria and this engine can be run monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly.
You can track the tenant violations through the system with a facility of adding the tenant to the black list and you can identify the action required to be taken against this tenant.

Key Features

  • » Bilingual with full dual calendar support (Hijra and Georgian)
  • » Customers and Prospects Management
  • » Property Geographic Distribution
  • » Multi Settlement Methods
  • » Rent On A Daily, Monthly, Yearly and Multi Years Basis
  • » Sell in Cash, Installments or Time Share
  • » Commission Distribution
  • » Complete Details about the Buildings and Their Units
  • » Reminder, Notification and Warning Letters
  • » Building and Units Expenses and Utility Bills
  • » Forms Setup and Printing
  • » Search Using Interactive Maps
  • » Flexible Unit Blocking & Reservation
  • » Google Earth Integration
  • » Unit Merge

Key Benefits

  • » Single platform and database with full drilldown for true visibility which increases occupancy ratio
  • » End-to-end solution with flexibility to leverage our built-in Extenders
  • » Automated workflows modeled on industry-standard best practices
  • » Reduce debts aging and enhance collection performance through alerts and collection delays monitoring
  • » Reduce operational cost and risk with complete process automation and control
  • » Increase customer satisfaction by automat communication (emails, SMS, etc…)
  • » Better time-to-market decisions utilizing comprehensive MIS reports