Rental Extender

Rental Extender Rental Extender

Rental Extender module builds on the rental functionality available in PropertyNet and introduce more sophisticated renting functions. Defining different additions & deductions types on the contract such as security deposit, administrative fees, Gas, Electricity. It also provide ability to reserve the unit, and ability to convert the reservation to be a rent contract or to renew rent contracts in very flexible way. Unify rent contracts or link a main contract with subsidiary one for the same tenant as for example a parking leasing contract tenants whom having apartment sales or leasing contract. Collect an insurance deposit from the tenant who asks to do any renovation to his unit, and many other functions

Product Highlights

Unit merging and splitting

The system has a capability of merging units and also split unit into multi units, this capability usually used in the trading malls when a tenant or a company required to rent a big shop consists of multiple concatenated units. The system has a facility also to store the activity related to each shop in case of shopping malls.

Advanced contract

Unified contract, linked contract, Incremental contract, building rental modification, vacating request.


You can store the building and units expenses with a facility of displaying the last expenses transaction during the data entry for a control purpose. Also the system maintains the utility bills like maintenance bills, advertising bills with an allocations facility by multiple ways like fixed allocation, based on the area or based on the rent amount.

Marketing and management contract

For brokers, system gives a facility to track all type of management contract with alert option for the expired contacts.
Commission distribution transaction after marketing or management is automatically generated for internal and external brokers with auto moving of marketed unit to unavailable list.

Commercial specific functions

One important dimension for commercial buildings is activity type, activity subtype and brands for shops which give the property manager to a facility to do analysis based in these dimension for better decision making. PropertyNet give this facility to all commercial buildings related contracts.

Advanced collection

Manage your complex and advanced collection using bulk payments and Advance payment and have better control in the collection process by collection voucher tracking.

Commission distribution

Advanced commission distribution engine gives you a facility to automate all commission distribution process through flexible distribution criteria, which can be maintained easily by system admin or power user.

Tenant management

Manage you tenant more efficient by tracking tenants’ violations, complains, black list and change building management in case of selling or purchasing a new building or change the building management from one property manager to another.

Renovation control

Manage and control renovation process by renovation security deposit which will give a facility to audit all renovation activities in a better way.

Key Features

  • » Ability to deal with unit merging and splitting in flexible way
  • » Allows you to unify your rent contracts in order to control the collector and renewal
  • » Flexibility in recording incremental contract especially for commercial buildings
  • » Option to increase/decrease rent contract/insurance based on market needs
  • » Recording the bills over unit or building with multiple way of distribution
  • » Feature of bulk payments and Advance payments in order to give more flexibility for treasury staff
  • » Keep track of Commission Distribution for brokers
  • » Register Violation, Complaints over tenants
  • » Ability to deduct/return specified amounts from the insurance as needed

Key Benefits

  • » Flexibility to enlarge/split units as needed
  • » Record incremental accounts installments as needed
  • » Unify contracts if required to simplify the process of collection and following
  • » Distribute invoices over units with different factors
  • » Flexibility in distributing bilk payment to several contracts for same tenant
  • » Ability to track Deducted, Returned, and Balance amount of the insurance
  • » Evaluate tenant based on the violations/complaints they acquire