Public Property Listing

Public Property Listing Public Property Listing

Full interface to link you with a wide range of customers around the world. This facility enables you to present your units for rental and sales to be published live on the Internet so that anyone can see the details and contract the agent for more details by email or phone.



Product Highlights

Property Listing is a search engine for vacant units in the Internet. Search for units to rent or buy with flexible search criteria and search by Map. The Search result can be displayed in multiple formats (List, Gallery, or Map)

The user can display unit details and add it to his favorites, email it to a friend, save it as PDF, print it or share it in any Social Media. The unit details includes unit images and map location, video, unit description and complete specifications.

Key Features

  • »  Ability to upload the rental/sales units as needed.
  • »  Ability to load each unit details like attributes , photos, video, prices, etc…
  • »  Ability to add your agent details in order to communicate with customers.
  • »  Ability to save a property in preferred list, send it to a friend or print the details.

Key Benefits

  • »  Powerful search engine for Sales and Rental activities.
  • »  Increase the base of customers to include people from the entire world.
  • »  Enables you to integrate this feature within your website if needed.
  • »  Increase the satisfaction/loyalty of your customers since they will have wide variety of choices with best prices.
  • »  Allow you to add latest news on Real Estate field as needed and allow users to share that in most common social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google or LinkedIn.