Private Property Listing

Private Property Listing Private Property Listing

Property listing is very important to the real estate, most of real estate companies have this function in their websites but the main issue that they are facing is updating the units with the latest status and price.
Property listing white labeling solved this issue by integrating PropertyNet Real Estate management system with the web suite. Units information will be updated automatically.

Product Highlights

The listing gives you full details of each unit in terms of its attributes/contents/ activities and prices in order to help salesperson to find the suitable unit for his prospected customer.

Key Features

  • »  Search based on different factors like type of unit (land, shop, flat, etc…), unit attributes.
  • »  Search by building/project/area/district/city/country.
  • »  Search by range of area/range of meter rent/range of yearly rent/offer or list price.

Key Benefits

  • »  Rich and flexible search tool.
  • »  Wide range of choices for marketing staff.
  • »  Ability to record all offers prices (Bid) in order to choose the best later.