• Rental Extender module builds on the rental functionality available in PropertyNet and introduce more sophisticated renting functions. Defining different additions & deductions types on the contract such as security deposit, administrative fees, Gas, Electricity. It also provide ability to reserve the unit, and ability to convert the reservation to be a rent contract or to renew rent contracts in very flexible way. Unify rent contracts or link a main contract with subsidiary one for the same tenant as for example a parking leasing contract tenants whom having apartment sales or leasing contract. Collect an insurance deposit from the tenant who asks to do any renovation to his unit, and many other functions

  • This module introduces more sophisticated sales functions. You can enter your reservations transaction, identify your grace period and the system with alert you automatically for the expired reservation. The module support for multiple pricing with time frame and for each time frame you have the ability to define multiple installment type with auto-generation to installments. Assignment and resale fee management
    with automatic generation of new contract. It also allow to return all or part of contract unit and deduct the return fees with the ability to return money back in cash or installments. You can also replace all or part of contract units and deduct the return replacement fees with auto cancellation for old contract and many other functions

  • The Maintenance Extender module combines work order processing with comprehensive preventative maintenance capabilities to help real estate operation management work more efficiently. It assist users to manage all tasks and activities, as well as costs and equipment and track the progress of jobs from start to finish, analyze historical information to predict future trends and identify potential problems. With Maintenance Extender data sharing across all applications, user can eliminate redundant efforts, make the most of information and take control of his entire operation.

  • PropertyNet automate most of your daily business processes. The system reflect the financial effects of all transactions into the appropriate financial transaction type that can be posted to your financial system.