Customer Portal

Customer Portal

Customer Portal enables you to provide customers with highly personalized, interactive service on the Web. Your customers will be able to do inquiries, complete transactions, submit many types of requests. With a wide range of self-service options, you'll boost customer satisfaction as well as long-term retention.


Product Highlights

With this product, the customer has several features to record his requests and follow his contracts. This feature enables your customers to interact with the system and query about his contracts’ situation. By using this feature by customers the burden to follow existing customers will be reduced and your staff can concentrate more in attracting more clients to increase the volume of the business.

Key Features

  • »  Customer can update their own profiles and personal information
  • »  Customer can retrieve all his contracts and their details
  • »  Customer can retrieve all his contracts’ units contents
  • »  Customer can do inquiry for his due installments and all historical settlements
  • »  Customer can do inquiry for his balance and can retrieve also his statement of account

Key Benefits

  • »  Build excellent relation with customers based on actual services
  • »  Reduce the work on customer support department 
  • »  Attract more customers and boost current customer satisfaction