Customer Extender

Customer Extender Customer Extender

PropertyNet Customer Extender module works to enhance the marketing and sales team performance by better organizing their work, and to assist them to promote proper units to the right customers in the right time with an acceptable price. The module automates the processes for proposal management, customer needs management to help in future planning based on actual customers’ needs, It will also automates the campaign management and generate proposals and contact transactions for preferred communication channels like e-mail, SMS, phone call, fax or visit.

Product Highlights

Prospect Customers

PropertyNet CRM helps in prospect customers' database creation with a facility of converting them to existing customers if they start a relationship with the company through a reservation, rental contract or sales contract. These data will help your team in marketing and sales activities for any new project in additional of collecting their needs which will help in your future planning.

Customer’s Needs Management

Understanding the needs of your current and prospect customers will help you offering proper units in a right time with an acceptable price to your customers.
PropertyNet CRM helps you in collecting your customers' needs like property type, sales or rental, required period and price range which will be stored it in an organized manner, these data will help you in your future planning based on actual customers' needs.

Campaign Management

PropertyNet CRM Campaign Management helps your marketing team in categorizing your current and prospect customers into groups which have similar specifications, then identifying the proper properties, then the system will automatically generate proposals and contact transactions based on predefined communication channels like e-mail, SMS, phone call, fax or visit.

Customer Contacts

Using this function, sales person can create contact transaction for current or prospect customers in additional to future contacts planning facility by the sales person or his manager.
Contact transaction can be automatically created by campaign , bulk contact transaction , gift distribution transaction or contact transaction in case of follow up.
Contact transaction can be linked to rental, sales or marketing contact in case of successful sales and can also be linked to receive voucher in case of collection.

Powerful Unit Search Engine

Search in the available units using multi parameters and ranges give the salesman a facility to get the customer request easy, accurately and very fast.

Search Using Interactive Maps

Search using interactive maps gives the user a facility to see the building in 3D with color coding for the units based on their status with a facility of block or reserve a specific unit or cancel any of them.

Fixable Unit Blocking & Reservation

Using interactive maps you can block or reserve a unit for rental or sales with a facility of canceling any of them, the system also manages grace period for blocking and reservation with a facility to hide the unit from the salesperson for a specific period after blocking or reservation cancellation.

Proposal Management

Proposal Management helps you in entering and tracking your proposal with automatic creation of contact transaction to deliver the proposal using mail, e-mail, fax or visit.
The system will maintain a grace period with auto alerting to the expired proposals.
The proposal can be used during creation of rental or sales contract in case of proposal acceptance.

Gift Distribution Management

Gift distribution management in any company is a very tuff job if it is maintained manually.
Gift distribution management in PropertyNet CRM gives a facility of entering all type of gifts .
through gift distribution transaction the system will link the selected customers to the selected gifts and it will automatically generate contact transactions through mail or visit channels which will help in the distribution processing and tracking.

Customer Complaints Management

Customer complains management helps in tracking customer complaints with a facility of auto creation for contact transaction and follow up till complaint is resolved in additional to auto transfer facility to maintenance department if needed.

Key Features

  • »  Ability to register and follow prospected customers.
  • »  Full details to manage the marketing Campaign.
  • »  Powerful Search Engine to look for a unit by the representative.
  • »  Ability to do transaction for a unit by using Interactive Maps.
  • »  Flexibility to save and then follow Proposals sent to customers and change it to a reservation transaction and then to a contract if approved.
  • »  Keep track of Complaints towards customers in order to have full details about each one.

Key Benefits

  • »  Full control for customer from being prospected till end of sales process.
  • »  Using of Interactive Maps.
  • »  Tracking of Customer Complaints.
  • »  Processing of gifts to customers.